For this freestyle exhibition the Aurora Artist have been asked to focus on red. Red evokes dominance and adds weight. It can take on a variety of meaning from passion to anger but in all aspects it denotes a sense of importance. When used sparingly it draws attention to key points in an illustration and in saturating an image it creates tension.

We hope you enjoy seeing how the Aurora Artists have implemented this theme

RED  |  Kuldar Leement
Shrine Of The Unkown Huntress  |  Christian Hecker
Pug Life  |  Carl Holden
Runaway  |  Daniel Tatarinow
Bloodstone  |  Alastair Temple
Loud Noises Speak About You  |  Anwar Mostafa
The Moment Just Before You Sneeze  |  Grigori Shevtsov
Servitor  |  Carl Holden
Bale  |  Mark Joseph Paje
Divin  |  Christian Hecker
Servitor Close Up  |  Carl Holden
Dragon Fruit  |  Katie S Borkin
The Pearl and the Rose  |  Stu Ballinger & Alastair Temple
Injection   |  Ari Bennett
THE ARRIVAL  |  Alastair Temple
AGENT COOPER |  Paul Virlan
BLEEDING SKIES  |  Christian Hecker
Infestation  |  Julian Faylona
Ganesh |  Keith Rodri
Dino Egg   |  Matteo Ascente
Exoskeleton  |  Kees van Duyn
Halo Over Sunset City  |  Christian Hecker
Red Gothic Moon  |  Matteo Ascente
Descent Of The Host  |  Julian Faylona
LAURA PALMER  |  Paul Virlan
GSV - Honest Mistake  |  Carl Holden & Alastair Temple
Homunculus  |  Eric Shoemaker

Mark Joseph Pale      |     Katie S Borkin    |   Matteo Ascente    |    Kees van Duyn    |    Anwar Mastafa   |    Stu Ballinger

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