Aurora is a collaboration project between the international digital artgroups The Luminarium and Cosmosys Collective. Both collectives share the same vision about art, the passion to keep creating art, and fascination for light and as an extension, the universe. Sometimes we even share artists! Therefore, a collaboration always hang in the air.
Without further ado, look up and check out Aurora, and we hope you are left in awe.

Arise  |  Kuldar Leement
Aurora  |  Alastar Temple
Descending Dragon  |  Stu Ballinger
Dysfunction  |  Julian Faylona
The Path Adviser  |  Matteo Ascente
Pacify  |  Carl Holden
AVIÓN  |  Andres Gallardo
TOBOGÁN  |  Andres Gallardo
Out Of Time  |  Kuldar Leement
Together We Will Go Anywhere  |  Anwar Mostafa
Let's Take The Boat Out  |  Christian Hecker
Coral  |  Timothy Blandin
Dreams / Lies  |  Ahmed Emad Eldin 
CUL MOR  |  Joeri Taelman
The Untold Way  |   Kuldar Leement
Anomaly  |  Stu Ballinger
Iceland Light   |  Andrea Carecci
Brat  |  Carl Holden
The Sailor's Nightmare of Losing His Cat  |  Paul Virlan
Grids  |  Maarten de Leeuw
Waterspout  |  Lars Sowig
Wreckage  |  Najeeb Najjar
Under Water  |  Bill Skordelis
Void Madness  |  Julian Faylona
Splacement Pattern III  : Christian Hecker
Dolmen  |  Kent Haley
Lullaby Of A River  |  Dragoon DGN
Remnants Of The Old Gods  | Erik Shoemaker
Globulicity  |  Ari Bennett
Splacement Pattern I  : Christian Hecker
Fading Frontier  |  Kent Haley
Morannon  |  Tobias Roetsch
Resting By : Kent Haley
Tample Of The Sun  |   Najeeb Najjar
Nub  |  Carl Holden 
Aurora |  Kuldar Leement
Final Stretch  |  Grigori Shevtsov
Ahmed Emad Eldin    |    Alastair Temple   |     Andrea Carecci   |    Andres Gallardo    |    Anwar Mostafa    |    Ari Bennett
 Bill Skordelis     |     Carl Holden     |     Christian Hecker     |      Dragoon     |     Erik Shoemaker    |     Grigori Shevtsov
Joeri Taelman    |     Julian Faylona    |     Kent Haley    |      Kuldar Leement    |     Lars Sowig    |      Maarten de Leeuw
Matteo Ascente      |     Najeeb Najjar    |    Paul Virlan     |      Stu Ballinger     |       Timothy Blandin   |      Tobias Roetsch      

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