After the deeply and incredibly well executed themed packs that were Finite, Illusions, X, Self Portrait, Resistance, Overdosed and Mythos, we wanted to give our wonderful artists a way to go all out without any limitations.
The artists rose up to the task and “Experiments III” is the result of that challenge.
Without any borders, this artpack is the most diverse set of works we have to offer you yet;
bringing both vibrant illustrations and intriguing animations to captivating photography.
As we made this artpack, some of the thoughts of our artist lingered off to a beloved friend of the Art community
and used this opportunity to pay tribute to Pablo Jeffer da Silva, better known as Rockfield;
who passed away last year. Descanse em paz, amigo.
Without further ado, widen your eyes for the broad spectrum that Cosmosys offers you with Experiment III,
both to celebrate the community that we have within the group and to celebrate the life of a beloved friend.
Also, don't forget to read the interview of our Featured Artist – Maxime des TOUCHES
Thanks for viewing.
| EYE CATCHER – by Maxime des TOUCHES 
| VINDEMIATRIX – by Rebecca Weaver
| MOURNING STAR – by bxd
| NECROMANTSI – by Fabio Tokumoto
| HADES OF ROCKFIELD – by Edgar Romanovskis
| YOU'RE NOT ALONE – by Mark Jose Paje (huMAC)

| RED REMIX – by Joakim Olaussen (joaking)
| PEN X LIFE – by Mark Jose Paje (huMAC)
| SUICIDAL SCREAM OF THE WHALES – by Igor Vitkovskiy (M-e-f)
| SUNRISE – by Joakim Olaussen (joaking)
| RYTHM OF NOTING – by Ahmed Emad Eldin
| HOLE IN THE WALL – by Maarten de Leeuw

| IMPURE THOUGHTS – by Rebecca Weaver
| RED MIX – by Joakim Olaussen (joaking)
| TRIBUTE TO H.R GIGER – by Edgar Romanovskis
| FOOD CHAIN – by Dragoon
| FUCHSINE – by Joakim Olaussen (joaking)
| FAITH – by Matthieu Leung
| DESIRE – by 4YYN
| THE OTHER SIDE – by Eric Vasquez
| DIAPHRAGM – by Andres Gallardo
| SELF DENIAL – by Anwar Mostafa
| UNTITLED – by Andres Gallardo
| LOST IN SPACE – by  Simon Til
| VERMIN – by Maxime des TOUCHES
| FATE – by Mark Jose Paje (huMAC)
| ARNICA – by Joakim Olaussen (joaking)

| I LOST COUNT – by Tits
| POMPIDOU – by Andres Gallardo
| TRANSCENDENCE – by Daniel Tatarinow (Vexatious)
| HEARTLESS – by Martin Grohs
| UNTIL ALL IS WASHED AWAY – by Joeri Taelman (joetjuhh)
| MEDOSCIO – by Ed Roman
| SHATTERED ON THE INSIDE – by Marlena Myles

| REVIVE – by Ahmed Emad Eldin and Joakim Olaussen (Joaking)
| RUN WITH ME – by Tits
Cosmosys XV – Artist
Daniel Tatarinow (Vexatious) . Y44N . Maarten . Ahmed Emad Eldin
Martin Grohs . Maxime des TOUCHES . Marlena Myles . Matthieu Leung
Andres Gallardo . Georgia Th . Tits . Dragoon . M-e-f . Simon Til
Joakim Olaussen (joaking) . Fabio Tokumoto . Tim . Anwar Mostafa
Edgar Romanovskis (Ed Roman) . Ahmed Emad Eldin
Joeri Taelman (joetjuhh) . Mark Jose Paje (huMAC) . Rebecca Weaver


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