Son of architects, I grew up in Spain surrounded by architecture books and magazines, visiting often construction sites. I was never aware the influence all that would have on me until I picked photography as a hobby in 2012. I was never into art as a kid. I had other plans.

Having studied advertising and graphic design, I've always had a strong visual culture. However, working as copywriter and marketing manager I never found my way to express it. It wasn't until I got a camera as a gift from my mom and my brother that everything started to align.

As everyone else, I started photographing everything I'd come across - people, dogs, cars, you name it. But quite soon I realized that architecture and urban photography was my thing.

I was really enjoying the process. Learning photography at my own rhythm, by practicing, being part of a couple of art collectives and watching tutorials. Soon I started to see some of my work featured in relevant publications and that made me understand people liked my work.

Unaware of it yet, I was developing my own style and language. I was combining my office job with photography then. I had no plan, just letting things happen. First prints, first exhibitions, first commissions....everything was new to me. Again, really enjoying the process.

2018 was a pivotal year. Got invited to Seoul by a magazine to do an exhibition, a workshop, and to shoot. I told my boss I needed time off, he told me what I really needed was to follow my heart and give myself 100% into photography. Left my job and never looked back. Of course, it's a bumpy road. Majority of us are not prepared to manage our own business. But hey, I knew it wouldn't be easy.

You can find some of my photos featured in publications such as Architectural Digest, National Geographic, Der Spiegel, BBC, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Archdaily, Lonely Planet, Archilovers, Playboy, Design Boom, Vogue Brazil, Fubiz, Photovogue, Trendland, Abduzeedo, From Up North, Fahrenheit, Colossal, One Million Photographers, Bside Magazine, Divisare, and plenty more. 
My work has also been recognized at prestigious awards such as Sony World Photography Awards, IPA International Photography Awards, ND Neutral Density Awards or Siena International Photo Awards.
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