The Cosmosys Art Collective is really proud to release Cosmosys XIII – Overdosed.
We introduced the theme in a new and exciting collaborative Typography project, that was introduced exclusively on our Cosmosys Facebook page. We now show you our full and overwhelming newest artpack, 'OVERDOSED'. Our artists interpreted the state of an 'overdose' in varying ways, via the media of poetry to photography up to digital art. Our result is this new Exhibition.

Typography project 'OVERDOSED'
'E' by Bess
'O' by Lucas Doerre
'S' by Moe Pike Soe
'D' by Eric Vasquez
Exhibition pack
'In Limbo' by Joeri Taelman (joetjuhh)
'Angular' by Andres Gallardo
'Speed' by Maarten de Leeuw
'Ruination'  by Rebecca Weaver
'Turning to Dark' by Anwar Mostafa
' Nova' by Benny Brand
'Dreaming Awake' by  Moe Pike Soe

'The Road West' by Andrew Gleeson (Gymdawg)
'My favourite mushroom' by Matteo Della Chiesa
'The Road West' by Andrew Gleeson (Gymdawg)
'Kill yourself' by Tits
'Overdose' by Dafne
'Entheogen' by psykzs
'Ego ripping' by Martin Grohs
'Sunsets with no hope' by Kuldar Leement 
'Overdosed' by Georgia Th
'Crystal Meth Poachers' by Tits
'One Way Trip' by Eric Vasquez
'They hear he was holy' by  Lena M. (masa)
'Anguish' by Najeeb
'Cuarto cerrado, Mente abierta' by  Luis Alberto Gamboa (R3volver)
'Paradigm Shift' ny Daniel Tatarinow (Vexatious)
'Cigarro' by Fabio Tokumoto
'Max Overdose' by JayTeAre
'Overdose is coming' by Pablo Jurado Ruiz
'R a n d o m q u o t e' by Patrick Hafner
'Dark side of the moon (AKA Cocaine)' by Fabio Tokumoto
'Toxidrome' by psykzs
'The drug' by  xces (xces-graphix)
'Overdosed' by androgynous
Cosmosys XIII - Artist
Kuldar Leement . Lena M. (masa) . Andrew Gleeson (Gymdawg)
Daniel Tatarinow (Vexatious) .  Martin Grohs . Maxime des TOUCHES 
 . Andres Gallardo . Georgia Th . Tits . Anwar Mostafa . 
Thomas Dang (DVNGY) . Paul Virlan . Patrick Hafner . Joakim Olaussen (joaking) . jayteare
Joeri Taelman (joetjuhh) . Najeeb
Benny Brand .  
Fabio Tokumoto

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