The Luminarium presents our 24th Exhibit: Illuminate VI. After a summer of change for a lot of us within the team, one thing that hasn't changed is the quality which our artists put into their work. In our 6th installment of our Illuminate series we have some outstanding musical contributions again from Scott Stedman and Clyde Machine to sit alongside photography from the likes of Joakim Olaussen and Andres Gallardo Albajar, as well as Science Fiction scapes from Christian Hecker and abstract art from the likes of Lum new boy Stuart Ballinger.
Christian Hecker - The Eternals
Khasis Lieb - The Joker
Kuldar Leement - Night of Supernova
Vincent Lefevre - Néo -Tokyo battle
Jk3y - 1904
Ed Roman - Damned
Clyde Machine - My Favourite Fireworks are the Ones in Your Eyes
Scott Stedmann - The Guardians
Christian Hecker - Four Solutions
Ed Roman - Crazy Man
Erik Schumacher -  London Gatwick 2172
Jakub Skop  - Metropoly
Julian Faylona - Aphasic Stupor
Julian Faylona - Hovering Abstract
Kai Saunders - Malaise
Kuldar Leement - Storm is coming
Kuldar Leement - Homecoming
Najeeb Najjar - the Ultimatum
Sebastien Hue - Terminal Race
Sebastien Hue - The Portal of Sagittarius
Taenaron - Portal
Xtasik - The Man Comes Around
Pyrogas_ Reaper of Souls
Stu Ballinger - Ascendant
Alastair Temple & Bill Skor - Warp Drive
Black - Heartbeat
Stu Ballinger - Ruby Rain
Alastair Temple - A-Utd1
Andres Gallardo Albajar - Chapel of silence
Andres Gallardo Albajar- Star Destroyer
Andres Gallardo Albajar - Untitled
Joeri Taelman - Not quite Alright
Scott Stedman - Sawmill
Taenaron - Blue Hour

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