About one year ago I got an email by a Hoxton Mini Press, an independent publishing house based in London, with a proposal to publish my 'Urban Geometry' project in a book. The idea sounded very exciting, and we immediately clicked. 

It's been a great joy collaborating with Hoxton's team of passionate professionals. The process has been very fulfilling in so many levels. I learnt a lot about how a book is done, from the curating point until the very end, publishing and distributing. It's a very fascinating business that requires a lot of passion and effort to keep alive. 

This book is the first retrospective of my 'Urban Geometry' series, and includes over 70 photos taken in 20 cities of Europe and Asia from 2013 until today. 
Photography by Andrés Gallardo Albajar
Design by Friederike Huber
Sequence by Friederike Huber and Andrés Gallardo Albajar
Copy-editing by Faith McAllister
Production by Anna De Pascale
Design support by Daniele Roa
Editorial support by Becca Jones
Introduction by Rachel Segal Hamilton

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