National Kaohsiung Center For The Arts. Weiwuying. 
Designed by Dutch studio Mecanoo.
Weiwuying sits on the northeast corner of the 47-hectare Weiwuying Metropolitan Park. Surrounded by an extravagance of lush green vegetation, the building exterior takes of graceful curvatures built in collaboration with Kaohsiung’s own shipmaking industry. The large canopy signifying banyan tree crowns glides to the ground in a smooth curve, blending seamlessly into the surrounding environment. People from close and afar can access the building freely, creating an intimacy between theatre and life (Official website).
Concert Hall - 1981 seats. Shaped like a stepped vineyard, offering different floor heights surrounding the stage.
Opera House - 2236 seats. Arranged in the form of a horseshoe with three circled balconies.
Recital Hall.
Banyan Plaza - Inspired by the lush banyan trees in the park, the seamless flow between interior and exterior creates opportunities for crossovers between formal and informal performances (Mecanoo's website). 
Outdoor theater at night.
Thank you all!​​​​​​​

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