Copenhagen is globally admired as a hotspot for contemporary architecture and design, and actually some of the most recognized studios have their headquarters there. But if you dig a bit deeper, the Danish capital has much more to offer if you love architecture. 
For my last visit I made a bit of research on postmodernism and brutalism and I was pleasantly surprised with the heritage I was able able to find. And not only that, you can also find new developments bringing out functionality and raw materiality as main elements.  
Panum Building, Copenhagen University.
By Eva Koppel / Nils Koppel / Gert Edstrand / Poul Erik Thyrring.
Herlev Hospital.
Designed by Gehrdt Bornebusch in collaboration with Max Brüel and Jørgen Selchau.
Orientkaj Station.
By COBE And Arup.
First prize in competition 2013. Completed in 2020. 
Originally designed by architect Ole Hagen in 1967. 
Renovation: Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects. 2021.
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